Online webinar: Launch of AI for Energy Grids Lab

Be inspired! On April 20 we will launch the first AI for Energy Grids Lab. Alliander, TUDelft, Radboud University, UTwente and HAN are joining forces by connecting AI professionals, knowledge, technological innovations & insights to fasten the energy transition. You can also join us, since we offer different PhD and internship opportunities as well! Interested? Register NOW!




20 april 15:00 tot 16:30


Je kan je tot uiterlijk 18 april opgeven voor het event

Over dit event

Get inspired by what we plan to accomplish with the first AI Lab in the energy sector and contribute to a sustainable society

What to expect

The AI for Energy Grids Lab is the new location where we invest in Artificial Intelligence so we can accelerate! A sufficiently strong and smart electricity grid in the Netherlands is essential to be able to accommodate the energy transition and to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement. This AI lab will enable new advances in the application of AI to distribution power grids, such as graph neural networks and state estimation.

In this live webinar, Kees van der Klauw (Coalition Manager, Dutch AI Coalition) will inform us about the contribution and societal value of AI to the energy transition. Pallas Agterberg (Challenge Officer, Alliander) takes us along in the changes of the energy networks. With this insight, she sets the scene/tone for the introduction of the AI for Energy Grids Lab. Jochen Cremer (Co-Director Delft AI Energy Lab, TUDelft, and Lab Manager AI for Energy Grids Lab) and Werner van Westering (Senior Technical Lead, Alliander) will introduce the AI Lab and the five themes addressed:

  1. Graph Neural Networks
  2. State Estimation
  3. Risk-based investments and operation
  4. Digital Mesh / Decentralized control of energy flows
  5. Explainable AI

PhD Program

Soon we will start recruiting PhD’ers for these themes;  we will give more information about this as well.

In addition to this Jochen Cremer will give his vision on open science and sharing data. The pathway of impact with the Lab beyond the Netherlands, abroad, in EU, and globally.

After registration you will receive the full program, so join this webinar and let’s accelerate! More information on the focus AI areas: Alliander – Spotter (