At Alliander we welcome people with a drive for electrical engineering. At the moment our work requires a Dutch language proficiency because of safety requirements and regulations. However, we always try to look for possibilities for skilled technicians within our organization. For more info contact

IT vacancies

Within our IT organization we do have some vacancies for applicants with a Professional Working Proficiency of the English language. A residency in the Netherlands is required. Go to all IT vacancies.

Program for newcomers

For ex-refugees with a legal status in the Netherlands we provide a program in which they will be educated to become an electrical mechanic. The program provides space for at least 10 people per year.  The application and selection procedure is organized through our partner Temphory. For more information go to the Temphory website.

For more info contact

Collective Labour Agreement Energy Grid Operators

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Our collective agreement with the trade unions on working conditions.